iPad Mini 6 Accessories: Essential Picks for Your Tablet

The iPad Mini 6 has taken the tablet market by storm, and it’s no surprise that users are eager to find the perfect accessories to enhance their experience with this powerful yet compact device. There is an impressive range of accessories designed specifically for the iPad Mini 6, from essential chargers and adaptors to stylish […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max – 5 Reasons to Upgrade?


With the launch day of the iPhone 15 lineup fast approaching, I thought I would take a look at whether or not it’s worth upgrading, in particular, to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Many bloggers and YouTube are saying that the iPhone has become boring with little innovation compared to what’s happening with Android phones, […]

Do You Really Need to go for the Pro Model iPhone?

I have had the Pro version of the iPhone for years, but this year I got to thinking, do you really need to go Pro? What is it that you are getting for that extra few hundred pounds? So I did something that many would consider to be stupid and ill thoughts out. I downgraded […]

What is Apples New Journal App Going to Bring to the Table?

  At WWDC, Apple announced that they are going to be launching their Journal App with iOS17. I am a fan of journaling and personally use the Day One app to capture my thoughts on a day-to-day basis. So What is this Journal App going to bring to the table in the world of digital […]

How Tech Can Help To Build Habits

Atomic Habits

I have been trying to build healthy habits over the past year and it can be difficult. Remembering to do something or find the motivation to just get up and get it done. I was struggling and not getting anywhere, feeling demoralised by my lack of progress and or motivation. I started looking on the […]

The Best 5 OS features from WWDC23

WWDC23 Logo

Looking back at WWDC23, there has already been a lot of talk about Apple Vision Pro and VisionOS and rightly so. It’s Apple’s latest and greatest (with a price tag to match), But I want to look at the best OS (in my opinion) across iOS 17, WatchOS 9 and iPadOS. So which features am […]

Is Apple Missing a Trick in the Mid-Range Smartphone Market?

The launch of the Pixel 7a got me thinking this week and led me to the question is Apple missing a trick by not having a phone to really compete in this space? With the removing the iPhone Mini from the line, the next option is the iPhone SE which is around the £450 mark. […]

Apple Finally Brings Pro Apps to the IPAD.

iPad with Final Cut Pro

Photo Courtesy of Apple So Apple went and announced Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to the iPad. Finally, Pro Apps on the iPad, I hear you say, and all announced ahead of WWDC, which is interesting in itself.  In previous years, bringing Final Cut and Logic Pro to the iPad would be reserved for […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Typing Experience on the iPhone

person typing on iphone keyboard

And also increase your typing speed! We spend hours on our phones typing away at our keyboards but we are not always getting the experience we can get. There are several ways that you can improve not only the experience of typing on your iPhone but also the speed at which you type. So here are 7 […]

Why I Returned My Samsung S23 Ultra

Samsung S23 Ultra

This week I decided to get the S23 Ultra and Return the S23 Ultra. What are you doing some of you might say and I asked myself the same question. Did I buy it out of creator FOMO? Maybe, well yes I did, but I did want to see what all the fuss was about […]

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