Keycron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

I have seen so many posts on social media about mechanical keyboards and people raving about them, so of course, this peaked my interest. I have been using the MX Keys and MX Keys Mini for a while now and love them both so I was apprehensive about buying a mechanical keyboard but I really […]

Logitech MX Keys Mini Review

in todays blog I want to talk to you about wireless keyboards and in particular the Logitech MX Keys Mini. I got this keyboard a couple of months ago now after using its big brother the MX Keys for the best part of a year. The mini version is nice and compact so doesn’t come […]

Apple AirPods Max Review

Although I own the AirPod Pro’s which has excellent noise cancelling I made the decision that I wanted to upgrade to AirPods Max so I thought that it would be good to write a review on my experience to date with them. Comfort: You might think that they look a bit bulky and would be […]

Why you should invest in noise cancelling headphones

macbook, laptop, computer-926335.jpg

In this post I wanted to talk about one the best investments that  I have made over the years for both work and personal use and that is noise cancelling headphones. I used to just use my wired headphones that I got with my phone and plug them into my laptop and I thought that […]

ErgoDesks Apollo Lite Standing desk Review

I recently moved my office into my daughters room as she moved into the bigger middle room, which meant that I needed a new desk. I had been looking at sit-stand desk and seen lots of reviews on YouTube so I decided to take the plunge and invest in one myself. I purchased my new […]

My Favourite iOS 15 features For iPad & iPhone

internet, whatsapp, smartphone-3113279.jpg

I have been using iOS 15 for a while now as I was using the beta version before the official release on both the iPhone and iPad. There are a couple of features that I really like that are across both device which are the Schedule Summary Feature and Focus Mode which I will go […]

Apple AirPod Pro’s Review

In this weeks blog I am going to be reviewing the Apple AirPod Pro’s and giving my verdict on whether they are worth the price or not. I had been using the AirPods for a number of years and really loved them so was not looking to change until they started to see better days, […]

Notebook vs Digital Apps – Why I use both

As you probably already know I’m a massive technology fan and think that it can massively help with productivity but in recent weeks I have been finding myself reverting back to my old school notebook. Firstly I started using my notebook for work situations such as capturing meeting notes and keeping my daily to do […]

My Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

In this weeks blog I wanted to share some of the things that I do to try and increase my productivity. Since working from home productivity is something I have really started looking into and what I can do or the tech/apps that I can use to help me get stuff that I need to […]

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