How to Customise Your iPhones Home Screen

Picture of customised iphone homescreen

Table of Contents The other day I got lost for a couple of hours with customising my iPhone 15 Pro Max’s home screen. This is something that I have toyed with in the past but not really ventured into as it can be a bit long-winded (or it was the last time I tried), but […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max – First Impressions

I have had the iPhone 15 Pro Max since its release date, and I wanted to share some of my first impressions on using the new iPhone. What are the differences from the 14 Pro Max, and are they really that big a difference and therefore worth upgrading? I am going to focus on a […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Typing Experience on the iPhone

person typing on iphone keyboard

And also increase your typing speed! We spend hours on our phones typing away at our keyboards but we are not always getting the experience we can get. There are several ways that you can improve not only the experience of typing on your iPhone but also the speed at which you type. So here are 7 […]

5 Really Useful iPhone Features You Might Not Know

Iphone photo

We all have our favourite features when it comes to our iPhones, and there are many that most of us are not even aware of. In this post, I am going to take you through 5 really useful iPhone feature that I either use daily or come in very useful from time to time. Turn […]

Why the iPhone 14 Pro is still my personal daily driver

I have been enjoying using the Google Pixel 7 Pro over the past month or so but for me, the iPhone 14 pro remains my personal driver. The 14 Pro is the phone that continues to have my main personal sim in and below are some of the reason why, but I think first I […]

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – My First Month Review

Picture of my Apple iPhone 14 Pro

It’s been roughly 4 weeks since I upgraded from my Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max to the Apple iPhone 14 Pro so do I think that it’s a worthy upgrade? I would say that the answer is Yes and No, do I like the new features that would be a yes, would my 13 Pro […]

Could It Be That Android Is Starting to Win Me over from Apple?

Something surprising happened to me this week that is making me ask the question is android starting to win me over? Over the weekend I put my personal sim into my Samsung S22 Ultra to finish testing on the Galaxy Watch 4 (Post coming soon). I used it solely for the whole weekend so left […]

The 5 Things I Would Love to See on the iPhone 14

With the iPhone 14 on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to share what I would really like to see come to the next iPhone. Some of these are features that I have really enjoyed when I have been using my Android device but some are just ones that I wish […]

Why I Have Been Drawn Back to the Apple iPhone

So in my last blog, I was talking to you about how I was moving from the iPhone to the Samsung S22 Ultra and was going to stick with it. Well, here we are in my next blog post talking to you about why I have been pulled back to the iPhone. First off I […]

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