Setapp Review – The Best Selection of App’s for your Mac

I recently came across an app subscription service called Setapp which was created by MacPaw who also created CleanMyMac X (another great app). So what is Setapp in a nutshell? Setapp is an app platform that provides access to a number of premium Mac/iOS applications to power up your workflow. I personally have found that […]

Top 5 Apps for Your Mac

Photo of MacBook Pro

I have come across a few apps when using my MacBook Pro, some are paid and some are free, but all are really useful and ones that I would recommend checking out. So, here are the top 5 apps that I am using on my MacBook Pro. Clean My Mac This is a great app […]

Windows or Mac which one is for you

Photo of Window PC

First up thanks to Jakub Jirak for challenging me to write about this topic, I think this is one that divides a lot of people like the IOS v Android debate. I use both of these operating systems on a daily basis but I do have a preference for Mac. Let’s run through my experience with both […]

Why I sold my MacBook Pro

macbook pro, adapter, usb-c-2381729.jpg

This week I sold my MacBook Pro (intel 2020) model which was a bit sad as I do love this laptop. I would safely say that this has been the best laptop that I have owned, It looks amazing and runs with no problem. I have worked on my website and edited Video’s for my […]

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