The 3 Best MagSafe Wallets for your Phone

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I love MagSafe accessories and one of my favourites is a MagSafe Wallet. This is one of the main reasons why I enjoy MagSafe wallets as they allow me to carry the cards that I need without having to carry a bulky purse which in turn I would need a bad for. So in this blog post, I want to look at the 3 Best MagSafe Wallets for your phone.

  1. Apple MagSafe Wallet
  2. MagBak MagSafe Wallet
  3. Journey Loc8 MagSafe Finder Wallet & Stand

But before we get into the details of each of these MagSafe Wallets let’s look at what the benefits are and why MagSafe Wallets are a good idea.

Benefits of MagSafe Wallets 💳


The main benefit for me with MagSafe wallets is that I no longer need to carry a bulky wallet/purse around with me. This is great for is you don’t like carrying around a bag as you can just pick it up and attach it to your phone. I like this because my phone is probably the one thing that always goes me.

Securely Attaches to your phone:

MagSafe Wallets use strong magnets to securely attach to your phone. This means that they are not going to just fall off without you intentionally wanting to remove the wallet from your phone. They are really easy to attach and will align with magnets in your phone or your phone’s case to snap in place. They are also easy to remove with the right amount of force 😄.

Security in Mind:

Keeping our data and cards safe is the top priority for all of us in this age of technology. With that, all of the MagSafe Wallets on this list have been designed with security in mind. They use RFID blocking technology which protects the data that is stored on your cards. It does this by creating a protective shield which prevents skimming devices. This technology doesn’t affect your cards or demagnetise them.

Apple MagSafe Wallet:

Photo of Apple MagSafe Wallet

The Apple MagSafe Wallet is very sleek and slim line meaning it has just enough space to fit 3 cards in. I think most people will be happy with just having space for 3 cards but I like a bit more space for a couple of additional cards.

The newer Apple Wallets are made out of a fine woven durable micro twill which is a soft fabric that gives it a suede feel. I am not sure how this holds up in the long run as I have only tried the leather wallet which does hold up really well and looks better as it ages.

Some additional features that you get with this wallet is the built-in Find My support. You will be able to track your wallet at all times so if you misplace it you can easily find it. This is of course only going to be compatible with an iPhone. It is also shielded as well so your cards are protected.

MagBak MagSafe Wallet:

Photo of MagBak MagSafe Wallet 

Photo Credit:

The MagBak MagSafe Wallet has a two-pocket design that can hold up to 9 cards plus having space left over to carry some cash as well which is handy. It can also act as a kickstand, this works best if you have the MagBak phone cases to make use of the impressively strong magnets.

The wallet is made from durable top-grain leather which looks even better as it ages over time. It also comes with a finger loop which makes holding your phone a bit more comfortable, these can also be removed if you prefer.

Like the Apple Wallet MagBak uses embedded magnetic shielding that protects your card and blocks RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

Journey LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and Stand:

Picture of Journey Magsafe Finder Wallet & Stand

The Journey Wallet and Stand is different to the Apple and MagBak Wallets in that it opens up which allows it to be a practical stand for your phone. It can hold up to 5 cards so sit in between the others and I personally think 5 cards is just about the right amount.

The wallet itself is made from eco-conscious and durable vegan leather with precise cut-out for easy access to your cards. It also has a protective lining to protect your cards from demagnetisation as well as RFID protection.

This wallet allows offers find my support for iPhone users and has built-in speakers so you find your wallet through sound. This is great if you have misplaced your wallet. You will need to charge the wallet but it is rechargeable and is long lasting at 6 months when fully charged.

Final Thoughts 🤔

All of the above will work with MagSafe compatible cases so you could use them with any phone. for the case with Find My, this will only work if you are using an iPhone. If you are looking for a way to reduce your everyday carry or do away with carrying a bad then a MagSafe Wallet is a great start to achieving that.

I have also found that I really don’t need to carry that many cards around as I am adding all the cards that I need to the digital wallet on my phone whether that be Apple or Google Wallet. So this is a great solution for those cards like your ID that you can’t add (well at least in the UK).

In terms of cost, all of the above are going to set you back £59.00. There are cheaper alternatives out there but I think for the quality you get with each of these wallets they are priced pretty well.

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  1. I use magbak all the time, got a strong magnet if you use there case and I’m using 10 cards. Two things I wish for up to 12 card and airtag

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