The 3 Best MagSafe Wallets for your Phone

Photo of MagSafe Wallet on phone

Table of Contents I love MagSafe accessories and one of my favourites is a MagSafe Wallet. This is one of the main reasons why I enjoy MagSafe wallets as they allow me to carry the cards that I need without having to carry a bulky purse which in turn I would need a bad for. […]

Journey LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and Stand Review

Picture of Journey Magsafe Finder Wallet & Stand

Table of Contents I do love a MagSafe accessory, and Journey was kind enough to send me their latest and greatest MagSafe Wallet, the Journey LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and stand. As I already have the Journey Trio Rapid MagSafe Charging Station I was excited to get removing the cards from my old MagSafe Wallet and start […]

Journey Rapid Trio Wireless MagSafe Charging Station Review

photo of Rapid Trio Wireless charger

I have been looking for a compact charging station that sits by the side of my bed and chargers my Apple Devices all at once. So when Journey sent me across the Rapid Trio Wireless Charging station, which is specifically designed for the iPhone 13/14 and 15 and supports MagSafe as well as Qi Wireless Charging, […]

The Must Have Accessories for My iPhone 13 Pro

There seems to be more and more accessories for your phone these days but there are a few that I would consider being must-haves if you own an iPhone. Below is a breakdown of the accessories that I have for my iPhone and that I use every day. Protective Case: I think that this should […]

Apple Magsafe Wallet Review

Hi everone in this weeks post I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Apple MagSafe Wallet. I am a massive fan of Apple so it was no surprise when I bought this accessory however there was some actually reasoning behind the purchase (for a change). I have been looking to reduce the […]

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