ProtoArc Foldable Keyboard | The Perfect Office Companion

Photo of boxed ProtoArc Keyboard

Table of Contents I am also looking for ways to make my desk setup in the office as ergonomic but also as minimal as possible. I don’t want to be carrying a massive keyboard around in my laptop bag when going into the office. So this is where the ProtoArc Foldable Keyboard comes into the […]

ASUS Zenscreen MB249C Portable Monitor Review

With two of us in the house working from home, I needed to think about a 2nd desk setup. A big part of my desk setup is a monitor, and although I can just about get away with just my laptop screen, it’s not good long-term. I was after something compact and portable, which is […]

Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard Review

So I have gone and expanded my mechanical keyboard collection again, moving away from my usual Keychron keyboards I decided to give Logitechs latest MX mechanical keyboard a go. This Keyboard comes in two sizes the full-size layout and then the mini which is the option that I went for. Keyboard Design I really like […]

watchos 9 Review – Has This Just Widen the Gap on Other Smartwatches?

This year I have jumped on the Public Beta bandwagon and tried all of the new Apple OS other than macOS. I have written a bit about my love of the Apple Watch and how it’s probably one of the main reasons I have never entirely switched to Android (probably time to admit that I […]

Govee TV Lights Review – How to Get That Cinema Feel at Home

So in the box, you get the two smart light bars and a camera which I will touch on later. You will also get a power plug and a remote that will allow you to control the lights without the app. Setup: I found that the setup was straightforward and only took around 15-20min. You […]

The 5 Things I Would Love to See on the iPhone 14

With the iPhone 14 on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to share what I would really like to see come to the next iPhone. Some of these are features that I have really enjoyed when I have been using my Android device but some are just ones that I wish […]

LG Ultra Wide Monitor Review – How It Transformed My Workflow

Before the Pandemic, I didn’t own a monitor at home because I didn’t need one. I was working in the office all week with the odd day at home here and there, and this blog was just a pie-in-the-sky idea and I wasn’t ready to make it a reality. So when the pandemic hit and […]

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